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    Palms Turn Pop

    The new Palms Turn Pop is designed to target smaller species like bream and whiting on the surface. Fitted with a treble on the belly and twin assist hooks at the rear, this proven set-up will convert more strikes into hooked fish. The rear assist hooks are also fitted with red rubber legs, giving the…

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    Storm Arashi Glide Bait

    Engineered to achieve the perfect lifelike swimming action, the Storm Arashi Glide Bait lets you take advantage of one of the hottest, most effective techniques for targeting trophy flathead, mulloway, barra and Murray cod. The Arashi Glide Bait is very responsive, with an exaggerated swimming action that flows from side to side with every turn…

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    Better Tackle flasher rigs

    When Australian fishing rig specialist Josh Price designed Better Tackle’s flasher rigs, he had one thing in mind: to make every product better than anything else on the market. Better Tackle’s flasher rigs feature a rapid-release rig-winding board, making it quicker for you to get out on the water when the fish are on the chew….

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    Daiwa Shore Spartan

    Daiwa Shore Spartan lures are designed with a dimpled body that helps you cast further, while their through-wire construction and durable 1.8mm ABS thick plastic bodies ensure ultimate durability. Featuring Owner split rings and hooks, the range features four models, the 140mm Power Splash surface popper, 140mm floating Rough Ride stickbait, and the 120 and…

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    X-Rap Magnum Prey

    The Rapala X-Rap Magnum Prey is a compact, long cast stickbait that works with a variety of techniques, from sub-surface sweeps to skipping on top – just add a boiling school of pelagics, cast and repeat. This lure is weighted extra heavy for extreme casting distances, and features a darting baitfish action. It’s an ideal…

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    Obsession Bass Series

    Australian-made Obsession Spinnerbaits have a strong following amongst Murray cod and golden perch anglers. Owner and designer Raymond Parry was keen to expand his horizons, and with the assistance of some keen bass anglers he has produced a range of spinnerbaits focused on Australian bass. This new series is called the ‘Bass Six Pack’, and…

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    Bone Hero Darter

    The Hero Darter is a soft, multi-function vibration lure that has a number of awesome features. There are three tow points on top of the Darter that provide three slightly different actions, and there is another tow point on the nose, which gives the lure a cast and retrieve option. This essentially gives anglers four…

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    ZMan 7” DieZel MinnowZ

    Requests from anglers chasing a big 10X Tough swimbait have seen the release of the ZMan 7” DieZel MinnowZ, a beast of a paddle tail plastic. Featuring the same realistic and proven profile and action as the 4” and 5” models, the 7” takes things up a notch in terms of bulk, water movement and…

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    Samson lures

    Samson handmade lures are long casting and virtually indestructible made for Australian fishing. With five separate lure designs, all wired through and ranging from 15g to 150g, Samson lures cover everything from lighter tackle fishing right through to chasing big pelagics like tuna. The range includes various surface and sub-surface lures, all with the capability…

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