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    DEPS Slide Swimmer

    Japanese tackle giant DEPS are world renowned for quality and attention to detail, and the DEPS Slide Swimmer is no exception to this. It’s very easy to see why these cod magnets are now one of the most sought after Glide Baits in the country! You simply won’t find anything else like it in the Australian…

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    Kamiwaza Deco Pen II

    Looking for the ultimate Japanese made stick bait? Look no further as Valley Hill’s Kamiwaza Deco Pen II is now available in Australia through Dogtooth Distribution. This stickbait is truly one from the top shelf. Superbly crafted and detailed, the bait is perfectly weighted to ensure a superior diving and swimming action. Each lure is wood…

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    Zest Shovelhead Jigs

    The superb new Shovelhead Jigs are a magnificent jig for jigging shallower water, when smaller baitfish are being targeted, and when a more finesse approach is needed. The Shovelhead Jig features one side that is scalloped out and an opposite side that is rounded, which makes this jig really move and flutter through the water. The Shovelhead…

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    LiveTarget Trout swimbait

    Designed with all of the characteristics of a full-developed trout, the LiveTarget Adult Trout Swimbait is built to attract the largest and hungriest predators around. Finished in a dark and light pattern to accurately reflect the phases of rainbow trout, the LiveTarget Adult Trout Swimbait is incredibly lifelike from end to end, including a moulded dorsal…

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    Obsession Spinnerbaits

    Australian-made Obsession Spinnerbaits are the brainchild of Raymond Parry. He has translated his passion for fishing with spinnerbaits into making them for other anglers. He produces a large range of quality products to target our native species, and his spinnerbaits are no exception. Available in three sizes, 3/8oz, 1/2oz and 3/4oz, Obsession Spinnerbaits come in either…

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    Akame 120 Hybrid

    The new Hybrid soft plastic prawn from NT company Akame features a segmented tail, and has Kevlar incorporated throughout the tail and into the body. This dynamite barra plastic is pre-rigged with a worm hook setup for weedless fishing. The Hybrid is a cross between a prawn and a fish, delivering two different actions. With a…

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    Bushranger T-Spoons

    Spoons are a fantastic tool for targeting deep-school fish in our freshwater impoundments, and Juro Oz Pro Tackle have just introduced a spoon that’s perfect for this caper. The Bushranger T-Spoon has an enticing erratic action that fish find very appealing, with a swaying action when drawn through the water, and a seductive fluttering action when…

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    Zerek Live Mullet

    The Zerek Live Mullet, distributed by Wilson Fishing, is a soft plastic jointed swimbait that is available in three sizes. Built from the super strong TPE thermoplastic, the Live Mullet uses the same concept as the widely acclaimed Live Shrimp, to emulate the kind of natural prey movements that trigger strikes. To achieve this goal, the designers…

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    Eginno Pyonpyon Search 3.5

    The Eginno Pyonpyon Search 3.5 is the latest addition to Yamashita’s range of squid jigs. The Pyonpyon (‘pyon pyon’ means ‘jump jump’) has a number of unique features. The first big feature is the Eginno Lip, a unique folding front flap which closes on the cast for improved casting distance, and opens on the retrieve. The…

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    ZMan 3” Slim SwimZ

    Following on from the popularity of the 2.5” Slim SwimZ and driven by angler requests, Tackle Tactics have now released a 3” version of this deadly little paddle-tail plastic. This realistic baitfish profile is constructed from 10X Tough ElaZtech, allowing you to catch more fish per plastic and the super-soft and flexible realistic feel of the…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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