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    Strike Pro X-Buster

    The Strike Pro X-Buster is a deadly swimbait with a superior quality and finish. This jointed swimbait replicates a bony bream to perfection and is deadly on barramundi and Murray cod. It has an outstanding side to side action, and you can crank, rip, twitch, pull, jerk or troll it. Just remember to give it a…

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    New Fish Trap colours

    Anglers who love the Zerek Fish Trap will be excited to hear that seven new colours have arrived. The new colours have been developed with the assistance of gun anglers across Australia and with the help of tackle stores. Needless to say, Zerek has delivered an exceptional new range. Within the range are the following colours: BF…

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    Bassday Backfire

    Bassday’s expertise in the surface lure market is second to none, with the SugaPen one of the deadliest surface lures available. Their newest creation, the Backfire, was originally designed for catching black porgy on Lake Hamana in Shizuoka, but it has proven itself in our local conditions already. And like the SugaPen, it’s sure to be…

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    Storm Trick Tail Minnow

    A great choice for classic, soft jerkbait-style fishing, the Storm 360GT° Coastal Trick Tail Minnow rigged on a worm hook will glide and change direction like a fleeing baitfish. On the pause, the Trick Tail’s whole body rocks and its tail wiggles as it descends. You can remove the tail webbing to increase the amount…

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    Zerek Absolute Shrimp

    Pre-rigged on a weighted hook and designed to be retrieved like a fleeing shrimp, the Zerek Absolute Shrimp features a tough TPE body that has a one-piece tail that is tear and puncture resistant, yet still supple enough to provide an enticing action. Able to be swum with a fish-attracting pulse of the rod tip, or…

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    New Strike Pro vibe colours

    Strike Pro has released three new colours in its popular range of Cyber Vibe 35 and 40 lures, and two new colours in the Micro Vibe range. The new Cyber Vibe has three tow points and two rear hook points, giving the lure up to six different actions! This gives the Cyber Vibe more diversity than…

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    Zerek Awake

    Wilson Fishing has announced the release of the Zerek Awake, a double-jointed swimbait measuring 160mm and is an easy casting 42g. This floating swimbait can be worked in the surface, or retrieved a little faster to get it to dive to approximately 0.5m. This ability to be worked at two levels gives the angler a versatility…

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    Storm Coastal Manta Tail

    The Storm 360GT° Coastal Manta Tail has a baitfish profile with a lively tapered tail, and it has a slow rocking action on the fall. You can rig the 360GT Coastal Manta Tail with a weighted worm hook and give it some twitches to make it change direction like a panicked baitfish. Stop the retrieve and…

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    Bassday Bun

    The Bassday Bun is the latest addition to the expanding range of Bassday lures in Australia. Bassday’s surface lure collection features some of the finest fish catchers available, and now the team have added this sub-surface wakebait to the range. The Bun is a realistic beetle imitation. It is a floating, shallow running wakebait, designed to…

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    Biwaa Deus 5” and 6”

    The Biwaa Deus is a custom designed soft finesse swimbait, and it’s now available in 5” and 6” sizes. The dense belly allows it to keep an balanced keel, even while unweighted. Hook slots are provided to create a perfect weedless presentation, or you can use a standard jighead or use it as a trailer. A…

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