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    LiveTarget Slow Roll Shiner

    The award-winning LiveTarget Slow Roll Shiner features Injected Core Technology (ICT) which produces a lifelike ultra-realistic metallic core with lifelike eyes and scale patterns produces large amounts of flash and providing perfect balance, while the outer Exo-Skin generates a hard-thumping paddle tail action. The result is a perfect looking, shimmering baitfish profile inside a larger,…

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    Shimano Brenious jigs

    The Brenious NT (bottom style) jigs are an exciting new way to fish soft plastics, introduced to Australia direct from the Japanese domestic market. This innovative snag resistant jig is designed for bottom style fishing and can be hopped, slow rolled, jigged and dead sticked and consistently accounts for fish in a diverse range of…

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    New ZMan colours

    There have been some exciting new ZMan colour additions, including purple death, the Wright stuff and hot craw. Purple death is making a name for itself in both the fresh and salt, thanks to its UV-reactive green belly, translucent purple back and micro glitter that adds a natural scale flash. It is available in both…

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    Rapala X-Rap Mag Cast

    Built heavy and aerodynamic for extreme casting distances, the new Rapala X-Rap Magnum Cast delivers even in the most demanding saltwater fishing conditions. Heavy-duty construction ensures that the X-Rap Magnum Cast stands up to the strongest of saltwater beasts. Featuring a perfectly balanced swimming action for fast retrieves, it will run straight even with the…

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    SFT Takumi

    SFT is a new tackle brand to hit Australian shores, and the range includes some serious lures for serious offshore anglers. Anyone who keeps an ear to the ground would have already heard of the SFT Takumi lure last tuna season in South Australia. The Takumi has been the must-have lure to use, with countless…

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    Jig Star Starwalker Lures

    Jig Star evolved after its founder and acclaimed jigging expert Chris Wong in New Zealand had spent many years jigging with some of the world’s most renowned big fish anglers from Japan, USA, Southeast Asia, South Africa and New Zealand. Hundreds of hours were spent testing products. One of his latest releases is the Starwalker,…

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    BIWAA Baltik 7 inch Paddle Tail

    The Baltik Swimbait 7″ is one of the newest members of BIWAA’s soft swimbait line-up, and has been designed by one of BIWAA’s most innovative pro staffers, Kevin Hernandez. The Baltik Swimbait 7″ looks as good as it performs, and is great for a wide variety of presentations. It can be fished with great effect…

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    Pro Lure Fishtail

    Over the past 12 months Pro Lure have been working on some modifications to the popular Fishtail soft bait. In order to increase the versatility and make the lure easier to rig, several changes have been made. A shallow split belly has been added to aid weedless rigging with worm hooks, and the dorsal fin…

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    Palms Turn Pop

    The new Palms Turn Pop is designed to target smaller species like bream and whiting on the surface. Fitted with a treble on the belly and twin assist hooks at the rear, this proven set-up will convert more strikes into hooked fish. The rear assist hooks are also fitted with red rubber legs, giving the…

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    Storm Arashi Glide Bait

    Engineered to achieve the perfect lifelike swimming action, the Storm Arashi Glide Bait lets you take advantage of one of the hottest, most effective techniques for targeting trophy flathead, mulloway, barra and Murray cod. The Arashi Glide Bait is very responsive, with an exaggerated swimming action that flows from side to side with every turn…

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