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    Zerek Live Swimbait

    The Zerek Live Swimbait takes the famous Live Mullet body profile to the next level. It uses the same concept as the widely acclaimed Live Shrimp – to emulate natural prey movements to trigger strikes. The segmented TPE (thermoplastic) body is held together with a Kevlar webbing, giving superior strength and freedom of movement. The main…

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    Chasebaits 200mm Ultimate Squid

    The 150mm Chasebaits Ultimate Squid has taken Australia by storm, catching a huge range of species in both fresh and salt since its 2017 release. Now, in response to angler demand, the Chasebaits team has released a 200mm version for anglers targeting larger offshore species. The larger model has all the same features that made the…

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    New lures from Jollip

    Australian lure company Jollip Lures has refined its Jaboa 55 diving crankbait, which is designed primarily for bass and yellow belly. “This lure has evolved significantly since its initial design, and we have added saltwater colours to the range with a narrower bib and beefed up trebles,” said designer Joey Urquhart. “The deeper bib dives to…

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    Maria Rerise

    Maria have an extensive range of floating and sinking stickbaits, but the new Rerise adds another dimension to the line-up. This new concept lure measures 130mm long, weighs 70g and can search deep areas normal minnows can’t reach. It sinks at one second per metre, allowing the angler to fish any level of the water column…

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    Yamashita Egi Oh K

    Yamashita have released a new colour range in their top-of-the-line K series of squid jigs. The K body is tuned to have the best stable sinking posture, and it excels in rough conditions where other jigs struggle to maintain a stable fall. Features of the Egi Oh Q K include the Hydro Fin (attached at the…

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    SFT Takumi

    SWL Distributions is proud to bring SFT. SFT is an exciting range of lures and fishing tackle where quality and toughness go hand in hand. SFT lures are built to withstand the toughest offshore species, with a range suited for the offshore anglers chasing GTs, Tuna, kingfish, billfish and more. They also do a finesse range…

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    New 60g Lazer

    The new Lazer 60g is a must-have lure in every serious angler’s tackle box. This new size Lazer was designed for beach and rock fishers who like to cast long in search of the likes of tailor and Australian salmon. Lazer Lures have been proudly making lures in Australia since 1978. All Lazers are fitted with…

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    Limited Edition Saury

    JM Gillies is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion they have been releasing special limited edition versions of some of their most popular lures. The latest lure to get the special 90th Anniversary treatment is the Saury. Limited edition, hand carved Saury lures are now available from participating stores for a…

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    LIVETARGET Hollow Body Mullet

    Lures are becoming increasingly lifelike, and they don’t come much more lifelike than this! The LIVETARGET Hollow Body Mullet features one of the most a realistic profiles and life-like colour patterns available anywhere. Its versatile swimming action makes it exceptionally easy to use. The angler can ‘walk-the-dog’ with ease, or simply skip it across the surface…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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