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    Schneider Crystal Clear Fluoro

    Schneider’s new Crystal Clear 100% Fluorocarbon is a superior line made from the highest grade of PVDF Fluoro-Polymer, delivering a near zero visibility in the water. This new line is smooth to handle, incredibly sensitive so you can feel every bite, has ultra abrasion resistance, excellent knot strength and is fast sinking. It’s ideal for…

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    Aussie-made Platypus P8

    Extra thin and round, P8 is a premium quality braid from Platypus. Utilising eight-strand construction ensures P8 is one of the thinnest braids on the market. Round, smooth and supple, it will pack more evenly onto your reel for longer, accurate casts time after time. P8 is ideal for all lure casting applications, from light…

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    Yamatoyo PE Jigging 8X

    Yamatoyo PE Jigging 8X Braid is the latest release from the Yamatoyo Famell factory in Japan. This braid has been specially designed for bluewater specialists. Yamatoyo PE Jigging 8X braid is an 8-carrier woven braid to give you a super soft, fine diameter with zero water absorption, ultra-high sensitivity and outstanding tensile strength. It comes…

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    Rainbow Braid Elite

    The Black Magic team have released an upgraded version of their popular Rainbow braid. The new product is called Rainbow Braid Elite, and it’s available in six different line tests: 6lb and 12lb on 150m spools; and 20lb, 30lb, 50lb and 80lb on 300m spools. Like the original Rainbow Braid, Elite has 10m colour changes with…

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    Tested: Daiwa J-Braid

    To get a thorough low-down on Daiwa’s new J-Braid, we approached four of the people who use it the most: Daiwa Pro Staffers Mark Gercovich, Darren Weda, Andrew Badullovich and Leigh Fleet. After testing J-Braid on everything from trout to kingfish, here are their evaluations and verdicts. MARK GERCOVICH “I’ve been using the new J-braid…

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    Platypus Platinum+

    After two years of feedback and continuous research, Platypus has remastered their popular Platinum Braid, to produce a stronger thinner Braid while still retaining the softness of the original best-selling line. By employing a unique braiding process they were able to pack the PE fibres closer together, decreasing diameter and enhancing the strength by up…

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    AFTA Winner – RIO LightLine

    RIO’s new LightLine is an award-winning (Best Fly Fishing Line – AFTA 2015, Best New Freshwater Fly Line – IFTD 2015) fly line that has been designed to load slower, more traditional action fly rods such as bamboo, glass and the more classic flexing graphite rods. Built to precisely match the industry line standards, this…

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    AFTA Winner – Revolutionary FINS 40G

    FINS have released a revolutionary new braided superline: 40G. The unique composite structure of the 40G makes people think it’s mono the first time they touch it, and this durable braid has the smallest diameter-to-strength ratio ever offered. To construct the line, FINS starts with a core of Spectra fibre and then over-braids this tightly…

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    Spiderwire EZ Braid

    Spiderwire EZ braid is an unmatched value in a high-tech Superline. EZ braid is super smooth for easy, long, tangle free and effortless casts. As with all Spiderwire braids, EZ braid is a super thin, super strong, and super sensitive braided fishing line, without being super expensive. EZ Braid Features Dyneema microfibers, which are 3 times stronger…

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    Daiwa J-Braid

    Whether you’re an ‘Urban Warrior’, or your battleground is the big blue, when it’s just you against the fish – with bragging rights on the line – there’s no margin for compromise. Daiwa is proud to introduce the all-new J-Braid. Like all Daiwa products, it is made in Japan, so you can trust that hours…

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