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    AFTA Winner: Rio Direct Core Flats Pro

    Some lines cast far with ease, but leave you flailing when fish show up at your feet. Others do just the opposite. The new DC Flats Pro line has easy annealing, a low-memory core that lays perfectly straight on the water, a low stretch Direct Core for hard solid strip sets and a mid-length head and…

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    Fins Evolve braid

    Fins ‘Evolve’ is constructed from a next generation Hybrid Fibre Concept (HFC), meaning it’s hardwearing and perfect for going up against some of the toughest animals with fins in the world. It has been formulated and designed for the tough Australian conditions and Australian fish. State of the art fibres combine to provide maximum casting distance,…

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    CFS PE8 Fish Floss

    CFS (Custom Fishing Solutions) Fish Floss Braid is made from 100% pure PE fibre material from the USA to produce one of the world’s finest and thinnest lines. This high performance, 8-carrier braid features a rounded body construction that helps reduce wind knots, backlashes and rod tip wrapping. Fish Floss braid also features an advanced Teflon…

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    Sufix 832 metered braid

    Sufix’s famous 832 braided line featuring Gore performance fibre is now available in a multicolour metered option suitable for jigging, deep dropping and more. Sufix 832 has proven over a long time to be one of the toughest braided lines on the market. Its combination of seven Dyneema fibres combined with a Gore performance fibre is…

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    Asari Bluewater Wind-on Leaders

    New to the Asari range are the Bluewater Wind-on Leaders, designed with the serious bluewater angler in mind. These longer length leaders come in poundages ranging from 100lb all the way through to 400lb, and they can be up to 7.5m in length to cover most bluewater fishing situations. These leaders are perfect for anyone who…

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    River2Sea Shogun Ice lines

    The Shogun range of fishing lines has been designed for Australian anglers, and is made from the highest quality Japanese materials. Shogun is a proven player in the fishing line sector. One of the latest lines is Shogun Ice Blue, which offers an impressive balance of high strength, exceptional abrasion resistance and a soft, supple…

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    Daiwa J-Braid X4

    Supreme line management is critical for longer casts with fewer knots. Daiwa J-Braid X4 PE boasts all of that, with a smooth, round profile design that wraps neatly and evenly onto the reel spool. Being a four-strand braid, it’s also one of the more affordable options on the market. Perfectly suited for spin and overhead reels,…

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    Samaki Line Spooler

    Samaki’s newly launched tool range extends from solid hardware to functional and practical appliances. This newest member of the line-up will make line spooling easier than ever. The Samaki Line spooler is your new go anywhere device, you’ll never have any issues with re-spooling your reel again. This adaptable device features a high suction cap at the…

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    Rovex D:8 Braid Line

    Rovex D:8 is an eight-carrier braid line made from high-quality Japanese HMPE fibres. The design delivers excellent casting distance, fish-fighting power and incredible value for money. Its round shape achieves a neater line lay on the spool, and it secures with a firm grip for tying strong knots. D:8 Braid is 20% stronger than standard PE…

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    Zerek Hy-Braid

    The new Hy-Braid from Zerek is a translucent braid that is visible outside the water and has a decreased visibility beneath the surface of the water. Hy-Braid is a unique hybrid hyperfill fibre line that has all the advantages of a traditional fused braided line without the disadvantages. The unique build of Hy-Braid allows for…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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