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    TT Lures BuzzlockZ

    BuzzlockZ feature a clear, 4-bladed buzz blade designed to create water movement, noise and a bubble trail that attracts predators and triggers brutal strikes. They come fitted with a TT Lures ChinlockZ SWS jighead to lock your soft plastic in place and keel the presentation when retrieved. The ChinlockZ SWS is attached via a stainless…

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    AFTA Winner: BKK Raptor Z

    BKK now have a super strong, rust resistant treble that you can use both inshore and offshore for a wide rage of species. The hand ground points mean these hooks come super sharp straight out of the box, so nothing is left to chance, and the Ultra anti-rust technology ensures that constant use in saltwater…

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    Black Magic DX Point

    With Black Magic turning 25 this year, it seems very appropriate they’re going back to their roots by introducing a new high carbon steel ‘super hook’ manufactured in their Japanese factories. Called DX Point, it has some excellent features that make it a cut above the rest. Most noticeable is the clever engineering of its…

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    BKK Raptor hook

    The concept for the Raptor hook began when 

BKK engineers were asked to design a hook to withstand all conditions and a range of applications.
 The job requirement called for a hook with not only superior impaling power, but an unmatched level of both reliability and durability. The process begins with BKK-81WV steel wire which…

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    Finesse ChinlockZ and SnakelockZ

    TT’s ChinlockZ Finesse and SnakelockZ Finesse jigheads are new weedless jigheads for smaller plastics. ChinlockZ Finesse are built on quality Mustad black nickel, chemically sharpened hooks and are available in sizes 4, 2, 1, 1/0, 2/0 and 3/0 for those wishing to fish small plastics on the surface or slow sink them into structure. TT…

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    Vanfook assist hooks

    Vanfook’s Deco Twin Assist Hooks are short drop, heavy wire assist hooks ideal for upgrading or replacing the assist hooks on light jigs (up to 80g). They are fitted with Vanfook’s blue Jigging Assist Line and fish skin on each hook for added appeal and movement. They also have a solid ring with one long…

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    Gamakatsu Assist 61 hooks

    The Assist 61 hooks from Gamakatsu are specifically dedicated for jigging. The unique shape of this hook dramatically reduces the chance of getting tangled with the jig. These hooks come in two different styles, a Single hook (RRP $23.95) and a Double version (RRP $28.50), allowing it to be fished with different jigs for different…

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    Juro Flasher Rigs

    Juro Flasher Rigs are professionally tied rigs for snapper, flathead, mulloway, gummy sharks and reef species. Juro Flasher Rigs are available in two sizes (4/0 and 6/0) featuring quality circle hooks. Each rig also features high quality 70lb trace material, and large, soft glow-in-the-dark beads. Both sizes are available in eight colours designed by Juro…

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    Mustad Octopus goes large

    The incredibly popular Mustad Octopus hook has had two larger sizes added to the range – 10/0 and 11/0 – expanding the range from size 4 through to 11/0. The Mustad Octopus hook features classic lines that allow the hook to be snelled onto leaders or simply tied with a conventional knot via the turned…

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    Slow Blatt Cast Oval

    Two of the latest releases from Anglers Republic are the Slow Blatt Cast Oval and the Slow Blatt Heavy Assist Hooks. The Slow Blatt Cast Oval features a very wide profile (the widest we have seen for a jig this size) which creates an enticing flutter and slow sink rate. The centre balanced body is…

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