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    Rhino Rack Master Fit Luggage Box

    Family road trips are a highlight of every holiday period, but excitement can quickly turn to anguish before you even leave the driveway. The harsh realisation that there just isn’t enough room to take everything you need is a dreadful one. Fortunately with the Rhino-Rack Master Fit Luggage Box these feelings will never have to…

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    Kapten Boat Collars in ‘Tinnie Grey’

    Due to popular demand, the new stock of Kapten Boat Collars is ‘tinnie grey,’ to blend in with the bare grey colour of aluminium boats. You can attach the Collars to your small roof-topper right up to cuddy cab sizes. Enjoy the benefits of a stabilizer that works while at rest and underway, only now…

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    Rhino-Rack Vortex RLT600

    Rhino-Rack has designed the RLT600 roof racks to be as versatile as your taste in adventure – accommodating the needs of the traveller, cyclist, kayaker, surfer or even tradesperson. The Vortex RLT600 roof racks utilise Rhino-Rack’s highly regarded Vortex bars, making them compatible with a wide variety of other Rhino-Rack accessories including bicycle mounts, kayak…

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    Ultraflex Gotech Hydraulic Steering kit

    While several companies manufacture a low HP Hydraulic steering system, they do it at low cost resulting in poor performance and poor reliability. The Gotech system is designed to be durable with extended long-term reliability, achieving this by sharing the load throughout the system thus increasing the longevity. Once installed, you can expect zero feedback, a feature…

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    Diamond Deck non-slip

    Diamond Deck is a no nonsense non-slip product that will add safety and protection when applied to the deck, seats or gunwales of your boat. It can also keep bare feet (and posteriors) cool on hot summer days and keep you on the water longer. The quality and durable EVA closed cell foam is non-slip…

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    Cool Water Cruise SUP

    Australians love being on the water, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding is the most exciting way to do exactly that. Cool Water’s Cruise SUP is an inflatable vessel that gives you the ability to enjoy life on top, without dragging you down getting there. This multi-purpose board offers enough stability and manoeuvrability for beginners to…

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    Marine Town Mega Flow Exhaust Outlet

    These highly polished, 316 marine grade stainless steel exhaust outlets from Marine Town provide excellent protection against water intrusion. Each outlet incorporates an integral, pivoting 316 grade stainless steel flapper valve which is specially designed to inhibit water intrusion back into the exhaust system. To ensure engine exhaust water has minimal contact with the hull…

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    Humminbird digital mapping LIVE

    Humminbird’s Exclusive AutoChart LIVE instantly creates precision contour maps. Humminbird has once again gifted anglers with exclusive technology that will have an immediate, dramatic and positive impact on their fishing. AutoChart LIVE is a remarkable DIY mapping program that allows anglers to create their own precision digital contour maps, live and on the fly. For…

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    Mount me

    Active Fabrications sells spare wheel holders that bolt to your trailer frame and keep your spare where you need it – on your trailer and not sitting in the garage at home in the moment of need. The Spare Tyre Bracket kit comes with studs and U-bolts to mount it to your frame and $24 is…

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