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    Sun2Sea Tech-Pants

    In response to consumer requests, Sun2Sea UV Protection has released its new Tech-Pants, made from the same lightweight WetnDry UPF 50+ fabric as the rest of the range. Robbie Wells from Sun2Sea said, “In response to customer requests, and after thorough R&D, we have created a WetnDry longpant called Tech-Pants. They feature large cargo pockets,…

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    4 flavours of Tonic YouRanium

    Tonic Polarised Eyewear, the new leader in high quality fishing sunglasses, is proud to announce the new YouRanium style is now available in all 4 of Tonic Eyewear’s glass lens varieties: PhotoChromic Copper, Super Clear Grey, Low Light Neon and High Def Blue Mirror. Developed with Brendan Wing of YouFishTV and named by the YouFishTV…

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    Super-thin Gen2 lens

    Tonic’s new Gen2 lens is the thinnest polarised glass lens ever seen in Australia. At only 1.3mm, this new lens is so light you won’t believe you’re wearing sunglasses. Its clarity and performance is better than anything Tonic Eyewear (already the market leader) has offered before. Specially developed by Tonic founder Doug Phillips, Gen2 represents…

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    AFTA Winner – Spotters Freak Nexus

    Some guys look like they’re wearing their kids’ sunglasses – even when they try on the biggest pair in the store! Spotters has solved this problem with their new Freak model, engineered for Aussie blokes with Hulk-proportioned melons. It has a massive 150mm girth from screw to screw and the expansion flexibility to accommodate any…

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    AFTA Winner – Cap Hat

    The award-winning CapHat is a one-size-fits-all attachment that goes on top of your favourite cap or hat to provide ultimate sun protection. To put it on, you just slip it over the crown of your cap or hat, tighten the CapHat’s toggle and you’re away. For an evaporative cooling effect in hot conditions, just dip…

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    New from Tide Apparel

    Tide Apparel has released some cool stuff for spring, including a new sun shirt with Tide and Fishing Monthly logos on the front and back. Like all Tide gear it’s made from top quality materials to provide the most comfortable fit possible, and its flattering cut allows you to look your best both on and…

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    Craghoppers NosiLife

    The collection features Craghoppers world-exclusive NosiLife technology, the only permanent insect repellent clothing on the market, which gives up to 90% protection from biting insects including midges and ticks. Anglers have long recognised the benefits of wearing NosiLife to help keep the midges at bay. The NosiLife Long Sleeved Anglers Shirt offers all the protection…

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    Tonic Neon in 3 styles!

    Tonic Polarised Eyewear, is proud to announce the remarkable Neon ‘Low Light’ lens is now available in 3 popular styles: Rush, Shimmer and the new YouRanium. The Neon is truly the ‘Master of Low Light’. Specially developed by Tonic founder Doug Phillips for sight fishing in shadows, fog, cloud and for dawn and dusk fishing…

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    Mad Keen clothing

    Since 1997 the Mad Keen brand has been proudly associated with the Aussie fishing scene. Our cheeky catch phrases have adorned shirts, polos, caps, wheel covers and more showing off our great Aussie sense of humour and giving blokes and the girls the chance to go one up on their mates! Our gear has been…

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    Shimano Evair Submersible Shoes

    Whether you’re a keen fisher or you just love to get stuck into the outdoors, the need for adequate footwear is always of the utmost importance. Realising this, Shimano have created the Evair, a range of all-purpose outdoor shoes designed for wet surfaces. The Evair shoe range is slip resistant, giving piece of mind to…

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