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    Costa Reefton

    One of Costa’s latest models is named after a popular fishing destination: Reefton. With 12 different river systems less than an hour’s drive from town, it’s no wonder New Zealand’s Reefton is world-renowned for its freshwater fishing. These size large frames are the perfect companion to explore any body of water. They will stay put on…

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    Samaki Saltwater Barra Shirt

    Samaki’s Saltwater Barra long sleeve shirt brings you one of Australia’s most iconic fish species. Her almighty beauty is so prominent you’ll want to take a moment to admire each and every scale as she launches from the depths to attack the Samaki Vibelicious. With that elusive island in the background, stunning weather, copious amounts of…

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    Samaki Stargazer Shirt

    Samaki Stargazer shirt brings you one of Australia’s most iconic fish species for the ladies. The barra’s beauty is so striking you’ll want to take a moment to admire each and every scale as she launches from the depths to attack the Samaki Vibelicious. Running off the success of the ladies Dreamcatcher shirt, the Stargazer…

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    Bigfish Jack Attack II

    The ‘Red Terror’ of the estuary is championed on Bigfish’s latest shirt: Jack Attack II. “These fish attack with a savage, no-holds-barred ambush then run back into the snags,” said designer Joshua Ker. “Casting small lures in tight country is what this style of fishing is all about, and that’s what we’ve tried to replicate with…

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    Costa Half Moon

    You’ll look like a maverick in Costa’s Half Moon sunglasses, a USA West Coast inspired beach style that rides the mystique of epic ocean swells. This model is available in Shiny Black and Tiger Shark as tributes to the icy water, huge swells and some of the largest sharks in the world that frequent Half Moon…

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    AFTA Winner: Spotters Grayson

    The newest offering from the Australian-made Spotters’ stable is the fashionable Grayson. Designed as a perfect all-rounder, the Grayson is suited for protection in low light and full sun situations. Sporting the classic matt black frames, the Grayson design is everything you would expect and more. Light weight and durable, the Grayson comes in a wide…

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    Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster Quad Sensor

    [Scroll down to watch video] The new Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster Quad Sensor analog model is equipped with all the top level sensor equipment essential to coordinating time on the water. A dual-coil motor drives a retrograde dial hand to provide the wearer with instant feedback on the constantly changing natural environment. Standard features include depth sensor,…

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    Wilson Fishing Kids Shirts

    Wilson Fishing has designed a range of fishing apparel just for the kids, so your little tackers can enjoy wearing the same style of fishing shirts that you do. The Wilson Kids Fishing Shirts are all UV rated to 25+, and provide a comfortable and cool looking option for the kids when they’re on the water…

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    AFTA Winner: Wilson Hooded Headscarf

    The Wilson Hooded Headscarf combines the comfort and protection of a 15+ headscarf with the warmth of a fleece hood. The materials used to construct the Hooded Headscarf wick moisture away from the skin, allowing the angler to be comfortable while fishing in any conditions. Ideally suited for use in cooler environments, the Wilson Hooded Headscarf…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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