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    Mako G2H5 lens

    Mako Eyewear, manufacturers of Australia’s highest performing polarised sunglasses has just released another new lens option perfectly timed for summer. The introduction of the new Rose lens with a Green Mirror (G2H5) and the Mako High Definition Filter builds on the previous top selling Copper and Blue Mirror combination currently available in the Blade frame….

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    Mako G3H9 lens

    Mako has just introduced the new G3H9 copper base, silver mirror decentred crown glass lens. Available only in the Blade, our highest selling frame, this new lens features a specially formulated copper lens base with a silver flash mirror making it perfectly suited to all outdoor activities such as bushwalking, kayaking and fishing. Anglers in particular will…

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    Tonic Blue Mirror stays

    Tonic Polarised Eyewear released their special Blue Mirror Limited Edition almost a year ago. Available in the popular Evo and Shimmer frame styles, the Blue Mirror proved a bluewater hit and both models sold out in record time. These lenses were specially developed for Australian anglers, and share their high-tech optics with all of Tonic’s…

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    Adanin neoprene waders

    Adanin neoprene waders are now available in Australia, delivering a quality and value-for-money alternative to what is currently available in the market. Recognised as a producer and supplier of quality neoprene products, Adanin now has a office in Sunshine West in Melbourne, Victoria. They stock a range of non-fishing products, including wetsuits, booties and gloves,…

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    Ugly Fish Krypton sunglasses

    Aussie eyewear label Ugly Fish have released the new Krypton range, which combines protection, functionality and comfort. With maximum UV protection (category 3) and polarised lenses, this range is perfect for anglers. Offering superior optical clarity and extremely high polarising efficiency, the Krypton cuts out glare off the water and helps you make out the…

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