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    Shimano Evair Submersible Shoes

    Whether you’re a keen fisher or you just love to get stuck into the outdoors, the need for adequate footwear is always of the utmost importance. Realising this, Shimano have created the Evair, a range of all-purpose outdoor shoes designed for wet surfaces. The Evair shoe range is slip resistant, giving piece of mind to…

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    Stream Logic Waders

    Adrenalin Flies stocks Stream Logic breathable waders, which are a very comfortable fit without losing any durability. These waders have 3-layer technology construction and 5 layers below the knee making them very tough. They are suitable for use throughout the season, even through winter as another feature is a pocket for your hands that is…

  • Apparel

    Ugly Fish Mirage

    A mirage is an optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects in the sky. Ugly Fish’s latest pair of sports sunglasses, the Mirage, were designed specifically to combat this phenomenon. They offer crystal clear vision and ensure the only objects you see are real and tangible. The…

  • Apparel

    ZMan Khaki caps and visors

    The growing popularity of ZMan’s 10X Tough ElaZtech soft plastics has also seen an increase in the range of ZMan apparel available to Australian anglers who are keen to share their passion for both the sport of fishing and the ZMan brand. ZMan headwear was originally available in a variety of Realtree camo designs and…

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    Ranger Breathable Waders

    Looking for a quality breathable wader that will keep you cool and dry without spending a fortune? The Snowbee Ranger is the wader for you. Featuring neoprene socks, built in gravel guards, adjustable wading belt, internal waterproof pocket and adjustable braces which all pack down to about the size of a pair of jeans, making this…

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    Bigfish Squid shirt

    Squid fishing (or eging) has fast become a mainstream form of fishing across the globe especially since the introduction of high-tech rods, reels and egi jigs dedicated to this type of angling. The Bigfish Squid is the perfect shirt to chase your favourite squid in the shallow bays, reefs and weedbeds. An added bonus for…

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    Daiwa wide brim hat

    Due to the demands of the hot Australian sun and interest from Daiwa costumers, there is a new addition to the Daiwa hats and caps range. Sun protection is a serious issue in Australia and Daiwa now offer a wide brim hate to protect your whole head and face from the sun’s rays. It’s a…

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    Mako G2H5 lens

    Mako Eyewear, manufacturers of Australia’s highest performing polarised sunglasses has just released another new lens option perfectly timed for summer. The introduction of the new Rose lens with a Green Mirror (G2H5) and the Mako High Definition Filter builds on the previous top selling Copper and Blue Mirror combination currently available in the Blade frame….

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    Mako G3H9 lens

    Mako has just introduced the new G3H9 copper base, silver mirror decentred crown glass lens. Available only in the Blade, our highest selling frame, this new lens features a specially formulated copper lens base with a silver flash mirror making it perfectly suited to all outdoor activities such as bushwalking, kayaking and fishing. Anglers in particular will…

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    Tonic Blue Mirror stays

    Tonic Polarised Eyewear released their special Blue Mirror Limited Edition almost a year ago. Available in the popular Evo and Shimmer frame styles, the Blue Mirror proved a bluewater hit and both models sold out in record time. These lenses were specially developed for Australian anglers, and share their high-tech optics with all of Tonic’s…

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