• Apparel

    AFTA Winner: Spotters Grayson

    The newest offering from the Australian-made Spotters’ stable is the fashionable Grayson. Designed as a perfect all-rounder, the Grayson is suited for protection in low light and full sun situations. Sporting the classic matt black frames, the Grayson design is everything you would expect and more. Light weight and durable, the Grayson comes in a wide…

  • Accessories, Apparel, Boating

    Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster Quad Sensor

    [Scroll down to watch video] The new Casio G-Shock Gulfmaster Quad Sensor analog model is equipped with all the top level sensor equipment essential to coordinating time on the water. A dual-coil motor drives a retrograde dial hand to provide the wearer with instant feedback on the constantly changing natural environment. Standard features include depth sensor,…

  • Apparel

    Wilson Fishing Kids Shirts

    Wilson Fishing has designed a range of fishing apparel just for the kids, so your little tackers can enjoy wearing the same style of fishing shirts that you do. The Wilson Kids Fishing Shirts are all UV rated to 25+, and provide a comfortable and cool looking option for the kids when they’re on the water…

  • Apparel

    AFTA Winner: Wilson Hooded Headscarf

    The Wilson Hooded Headscarf combines the comfort and protection of a 15+ headscarf with the warmth of a fleece hood. The materials used to construct the Hooded Headscarf wick moisture away from the skin, allowing the angler to be comfortable while fishing in any conditions. Ideally suited for use in cooler environments, the Wilson Hooded Headscarf…

  • Apparel

    Helping fish with Fisher Folk

    The Fisher Folk is a relatively new Australian fishing apparel company with a very important point of difference: they give back to the sport that we all love. The guys behind the brand have a lifelong affinity with fishing and the places it can take us all, which is why they decided to funnel a portion…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Murray cod shirt

    Samaki’s latest fishing shirt puts a new twist on the iconic Murray cod. The Samaki Murray cod shirt features this iconic species in all its glory, with an electric blue design detail that enhances each and every feature – from the sharpness of the fins to the depths of the mouth. You can really see the…

  • Apparel

    Finesse Fishing Wear

    Well-known fishing writer and presenter, Steve “Starlo” Starling, has joined forces with clothing manufacturer Mad Keen Australia to launch his own line of high-quality apparel: Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear. The current range consists of vented, long-sleeved, button-up fishing shirts and baseball-style caps in unique camouflage colours, each featuring a distinctive water ripple pattern. The two colours…

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    Fuglies Slabs

    The newest addition to the Fuglies Sunglasses 2017 range are the PL16 Slabs, a high-coverage wraparound frame with a generous lens area for good vision, and wide side-arms to block peripheral glare. Thanks to the lightweight polycarbonate frame and low curvature side-arms, you can wear your Slabs all day with no rubbing or pinching, and soft…

  • Apparel

    Samaki Mighty Mulloway

    The Samaki Mighty Mulloway shirt features a mulloway chasing down the Thumpertail amongst some pylons, while mullet, bream and squid lurk in the shadows so as not to draw attention to themselves. The water laps around the pylons with so much detail you’ll feel as though you’re sitting on the jetty yourself! The lightweight fabric boasts…

  • Apparel

    Jarvis Walker Multi-Use Scarf

    The Multi-Use Scarf is made of a 212gsm polyester-spandex blend that offers UPF30+ UV protection. The fabric is moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry, and it’s finished with an anti-bacteria treatment for hygiene, comfort and longevity. A Multi-Use Scarf is great for hot and cold conditions. As the name suggests, it has many uses…

2016 AFTA Trade Show

Check out these videos to go behind the scenes at the 2016 AFTA Tackle Trade Show – the premier event in the tackle industry calendar!


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