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Bone Black River XH rods

Bone Rods has released two 7’ extra heavy rods in the Black River range. The two rods comprise of a spin and baitcast rod with the same specs to give anglers the choice of using their preferred fishing style. Each rod combines the power and the finesse needed to tangle with complex situations and dynamic, fast-paced fishing. The length ensure ease of use in tight areas where casting accuracy is a must. Couple this with a soft tip that allows anglers to downsize their lures to match-the-hatch for finicky fish and the new Black River rods look like very impressive sticks. From deep cranking in rock pools to throwing swimbaits into timber and weed, the new Black River rods excel at reaching out and touching the beasts hiding in their element. The two models are the 368BRC701XH (7’, Medium Fast Extra Heavy Baitcast, 15-30lb, 8-50g) and the 368BRS701XH (7’ Medium Fast Extra Heavy Spin, 15-30lb, 8-50g).

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