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Black Magic Flea

Like the Maggot lure before it, the well-known Black Magic Flea has had a refresh with some great looking new skirt colours added to the range  Coupled with some of the old favourites, anglers can now select from 10 colour options to suit their preferences. For those who aren’t familiar with the Flea, it’s a 200mm lure ideally suited for tuna, but it’s got a great record with other pelagic species like mahi mahi, sailfish and marlin. The head itself is 30mm in length and is a cup face pusher with a small reverse taper. That gives it a nice wriggly trolling action with a good bubble trail. Black Magic recommends using up to 200lb leader with this lure and a 7/0 game hook. The last point worth noting is that all the heads have good UV content which you’ll see if you place them under a UV light. You’ll notice UV content in some of the skirts and there are glowing lumo versions too – all extra attraction for your target species.

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