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Better Tackle flasher rigs

When Australian fishing rig specialist Josh Price designed Better Tackle’s flasher rigs, he had one thing in mind: to make every product better than anything else on the market. Better Tackle’s flasher rigs feature a rapid-release rig-winding board, making it quicker for you to get out on the water when the fish are on the chew. Tried and tested two-tone colour selections, along with lumo eyes that mimic baitfish eye-shine, give you the ability to match your offering to what your target species is chomping on. The unique design gives this flasher the perfect shape, flash and silhouette to attract finned predators, while still keeping its shape fish after fish. The outstanding strength on each rig’s knot and leader is no accident, nor is the quality of the hooks used. Every component and design feature of every rig has been carefully considered, to maximize catch rates and longevity. And remember that flasher rigs are no longer just for snapper – they are perfect for a range of species, including coral trout, red emperor and nannygai.

Price: from SRP $8

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