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Berkley Snap Jigs

An innovative take on a time-tested technique, the Berkley Snap Jigs deliver all of the fish-catching performance of an ice-jig, but with the ability to attach your favourite soft plastic. The Snap Jig can be fished both vertically over structure and for suspended fish in open water, or cast and retrieve for side-to-side and backward-and-forward dynamic darting action. This versatile jighead naturally glides on the fall, and can be worked over points, open water, and on a straight retrieve for an enticing side-to-side action. Along the underside, the Berkley Snap Jigs feature a hook hanger that allows anglers to increase attraction with the addition of a blade, and improve hook-up rates with a stinger hook. Offered in a number of lifelike colours, the Berkley Snap Jigs provide a unique take on a lure that has been putting fish in the boat for years.


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