• Boating

    Sea Jay Samurai hull

    Sea Jay’s Samurai hull is designed with precision and accuracy using the latest manufacturing techniques. It makes for a stylish and streamlined hull that slices through the waves. Like all Sea Jay hulls it has been designed using 3D modelling to achieve the best performance. The Samurai hull is currently available in the new Vision…

  • Rods

    Daiwa Saltist Extreme

    Integrating many of Daiwa’s latest technologies, the Saltist Extreme series is designed to perform at the highest standard and built to withstand the rigors of the offshore angling world. Replacing the popular Catalina and Saltiga Extreme ranges, Saltist Extreme takes the successes of its predecessors and combines it with the latest technologies and designs to…

  • Lures

    Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed

    Building on the classic articulated body of the Rapala Jointed, the Scatter Rap Jointed swims with an irresistible action. The jointed body combined with a Scatter Lip takes the legendary Jointed action to the next level when using a slow presentation, while speeding up the retrieve triggers the erratic evasive Scatter Rap action – and…

  • Lures

    ZMan 3.5” GrubZ

    ZMan’s 10X tough, buoyant, super-soft and flexible ElaZtech construction gave new life to curly tail plastics, creating maximum action, even with minimal movement and at slow retrieve speeds. The built-in buoyancy also gives the ZMan GrubZ range a seductive tail-up action on the drop and a natural tail-up feeding action when at rest on the…

  • Boating

    Formosa Classic MK4 and V2

    Brisbane-based Formosa Marine (manufacturer of the popular Classic and Tomahawk Aluminium plate boat ranges) have launched the Classic MK4 and SEA-ROD V2 Hulls for their 520, 550 and 580 models. The boats will be officially revealed at this year’s Brisbane Boat Show (Sep 11-14). While maintaining the great performance and key design and strength features…

  • Accessories

    Wilson rod carrier

    The next generation of bull bar rod carriers is here. Wilson have developed this 100% Aussie made, fully adjustable rod carrier to suit all bull bars, straight or angled. It sits in the base, locked by the quick release pin that makes it easily removable when not in use. The Wilson Rod Carrier (#BBRC4RTB) is…

  • Lures

    Mimix Dragon Walk

    The award-winning Mimix Dragon Walk is a lifelike walk-the-dog lure that’s distinctively designed with great detailing. Designed to imitate an iguana, it’s also an excellent imitation of the ubiquitous water dragon that frequents so many Australian waterways. The Mimix Dragon Walk produces a great swimming action across the water’s surface that entices and appeals to…

  • Lures

    Shimano Bottom Ship

    Those sneaky Kiwis have been quietly going about catching a heap of reef and pelagic fish on Shimano Bottom Ship jigs for a number of years now, and Aussie anglers are finally getting the chance to try these deadly metals on our local species. A rear-weighted design gets Bottom Ship down fast, but colour and…

  • Lures

    Zerek Hot Legs

    The new Zerek Live Shrimp Hot Legs make a great lure even better! Made with softer material and a slender body, the Zerek Live Shrimp Hot Legs are ideal for estuary situations. With the addition of fluoro legs, the Zerek Hot Legs Live Shrimp can pull fish in low light or bottom-dwelling areas because the…

  • Accessories

    Humminbird digital mapping LIVE

    Humminbird’s Exclusive AutoChart LIVE instantly creates precision contour maps. Humminbird has once again gifted anglers with exclusive technology that will have an immediate, dramatic and positive impact on their fishing. AutoChart LIVE is a remarkable DIY mapping program that allows anglers to create their own precision digital contour maps, live and on the fly. For…

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