• Lures

    Strike Pro Slinky Minnow 75

    Juro Oz Pro Tackle has released the new Strike Pro Slinky Minnow 75, a fantastic new surface slide bait that darts and swims like an injured or fleeing baitfish or prawn. It floats at rest with its tail underwater at 45° and can be worked with an erratic swimming action, skipped like a fleeing garfish…

  • Line

    Spiderwire Dura-Silk

    Spiderwire Dura-Silk is trustworthy and reliable with Spiderwire performance. Made from 100% Dyneema fibres, the world’s strongest fibres, Dura Silk is a super strong, super thin non-coated braid with incredible knot strength. Being non coated, Dura-Silk is a soft and flexible braid and features a round, full bodied construction that resists wind knots. As the…

  • Lures

    Strike Pro Cyber Bait

    Juro Oz Pro Tackle has released a much anticipated new model from Strike Pro, the Cyber Bait. The Cyber Bait is a floating lure that’s 8.5cm long, weighs 9.8g and dives to approx. 12ft. This new lure has an irresistible swaying action and features a Weight Transfer System to eliminate tumbling during casting and increase…

  • Boating

    Quintrex 610 Freedom Cruiser

    Quintrex’s Freedom Cruiser is built for comfort, fun and durability. It features Quintrex’s renowned Blade Hull and Flared Bow to glide through rough water, offering a smooth and reliable ride. With new 5mm bottomsides and 3mm smooth topsides and a new raised aluminium top deck, the 610 Freedom Cruiser looks sportier than ever before. There’s…

  • Tackle

    Shimano sunglasses

    Shimano have released 13 new pairs of sunglasses in time for the summer season. Naturally they’re polarised, Australian standards-compliant, light to wear thanks to the use of polycarbonate lenses in black and amber tints, and this makes them ideal for everything from freshwater to offshore fishing. There’s one metal-framed pair and 12 fashionable wrap-around models…

  • Lures

    Strike Pro Tailgunner

    The Tailgunner is a fantastic little jig from Strike Pro that features an amazing action and a soft plastic tail that pulsates and gives added attraction. Tailgunners have a superb jigging action and finish, and offer a great range of bright and natural baitfish colours. These jigs also feature a front treble hook with a…

  • Tackle

    TTs FroggerZ Jnr Spinnerbait

    The FroggerZ Jnr is the latest spinnerbait release from TT Lures. These frog profile spinnerbaits are built from quality components, loaded with features and are already proving effective on Murray cod, bass, golden perch and saratoga. Features include a hand sculptured, realistic frog profile with 3D frog eyes and lively, 10X tough Z-Man web-foot frog…

  • Indepth Reviews

    Gloryfy unbreakable sunglasses

    Every once in a while you come across a product that really stands out from the crowd. It can something as simple as colour, it can be the shape or size. But in the case of Gloryfy Sunglasses it’s about the engineering, innovation and ground-breaking technology. I first met the guys from Eskimo Distributions (the…

  • Tackle

    Bushnell Marine Binoculars

    Bushnell’s range of optics and gadgets encompasses a vast range of outdoor activities, and the Marine is the latest set of binoculars tailored specifically for boating. Fully fog-proof and waterproof to stand up to the changing conditions on the water, the Marine Binoculars are covered with a durable, non-slip rubber armouring perfect for wet conditions….

  • Lures

    Shimano Coltsniper Fall Micro Jigs

    A new development in the world of micro jigging is the Shimano Coltsniper Fall. These jigs, which come in five weights from 21-55g, are beautifully finished off — as Japanese lures traditionally are — with a choice of five colours and eye-catching holographic sheet worked into the finish. They have a falling, fluttering, jerking action,…

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