Austackle Gizmo HD

Big predatory fish are suckers for the flash and vibration of Colorado blades, and Austackle’s Gizmo HD Big Fish Edition takes full advantage of this. It’s built on a solid Mustad hook, perfect for snapper, kingfish, cobia, mulloway, big flathead, Murray cod and barra. You can retrieve the Gizmo HD in a number of ways. You can slow roll it, crawl it along the bottom, hop it, drop it through schooled fish, burn it through structure and more. Use it as you would a jig or bait; look for fish on the sounder, then drop the Gizmo and let it sink through the bait school/fish. Lift and drop the lure and get hit! The Gizmo’s wire arms are adjustable, so you can bend and tune as required. You can also add a soft plastic to boost the lure’s size and vibration, and to slow the rate of fall. Austackle recommends a Paddleworm 100 or Whiptail Grub 85. The Gizmo Big Fish weighs 1oz and comes in six colours, including UV.

Price: SRP $22

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