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Atomic Hardz Vib 50

The updated Atomic Vib is smaller than its 60mm cousin, making it the perfect new lure for freshwater and estuary fishing. The 50mm Vib is carefully balanced to move at all speeds for anglers who want the versatility to work in slow or fast waters. Inactive feeders such as yellowbelly and bass will go for it naturally. Even at slow speed, it has a vibrating action and a seductive, lifelike drop. It also works at high speed for fast flowing rivers, so it’s ideal for bream and flathead. At high speeds, this lure has the same vibration – it moves straight, displaying a tight wobble, and doesn’t dart and curve. The 50mm Atomic Vib is available in 17 colours. Black beauty creates a silhouette on an overcast day, and has orange UV stripes. Gold wolf has a gold shine and splash of an orange belly. Muddy prawn is translucent with purple stripes and a muddy tinge that fish are naturally attracted to.

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