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Atomic Hardz – new colours

Atomic Hardz have introduced three new spectacular colours into their range. These colours have been tested extensively by pro anglers around the country for different species in many different situations. Black Beauty has been designed specifically for the Atomic Vibs. This darker colour is perfect for natural specialists who chase those elusive native freshwater fish that can be very difficult at times. This colour is only available in the new Atomic Vibs. Based off the actual colour variation of a rock crab, Atomic’s Rock Crab pattern consists of a mottled green body with an enticing orange eye with matching stripes down the sides, giving any predator a target to smash! This colour is available across the whole Hardz range. Last but certainly not least is Tristo’s Proton Pill colour. Designed by Tristan Taylor, this colour will have anything homing in on it. Bream, snapper right up to mulloway and barramundi are all prime targets, and we’ll definitely see this used across all of Australia’s waters!

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