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    Fish Arrow Threeshot Minnow

    are a premium lure brand from Japan, and their latest hardbody offering is the Threeshot Minnow. This new lure is available in two sizes, a 65mm and an 80mm model. Both dive to a metre and are suspending. Threeshot Minnows have a longcast system built into the lure body, and a super erratic…

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    Fish Arrow Fin’s Gill

    The Fin’s Gill from comes in two sizes a 120mm, weighs 40g and a 150mm, weighs 78g. This realistic soft plastic swimbait is durable and is slow sinking, emitting medium vibration when retrieved very slowly. The Fin’s Gill has a magnet underneath the belly of the lure that holds the hook in position,…

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    Fish Arrow Flash J Grub

    The newest addition to the popular Flash J series from is the Flash J Grub. This lure offers a modern take on an old classic – the soft plastic grub tail. What sets this lure apart from the pack is its extremely realistic design featuring 3D eyes, foil belly insert and 1.5mm thick…

  • Latest Gear, Lures

    Fish Arrow Flash J Saltwater

    Following on from the success of the Flash J Shad and Huddle, a saltwater version with brighter colours has now been released. Flash Js are the ultimate in soft plastic jerkbaits. The Flash J Saltwater model (SW series) utilities an aluminium foil insert, to replicate the flashes of a minnow and…

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    Fish Arrow 2″ Flash J Shad

    Following on from the successful 3″ Flash J Shad, Searing Tackle, the exclusive importers of have now released a smaller 2″ version to expand the range of realistic soft plastic lures. Its major characteristic is the swimming shad tail, which when combined with the realistic looks and action of the J Shad, makes…

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    Fish Arrow Baby Cover Cicada

    Last year the 45mm Cover Cicada became a favourite with many bass erman, and now building on that success comes the release of a small version. The Baby Cover Cicada is 35mm in length and weighs 3.5g. This soft bodied cicada imitation is completely weedless, soft and supple, yet tough as well. It’s…

  • Accessories

    Fish Arrow Spine Hook

    The Spine Hook from Decoy ing was born as a new way of rigging the flash J plastics. It is the reaction of this ultimate rig that can turn finicky into feeding . Simply twitching the rod tip causes an  unpredictable spiral fall to imitate a bait dying!  The Spine Hook comes…

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    New Frogs from Searing

    Quality tackle distributor Searing has launched two new frog imitations: the Damiki Air Frog and the Still Frog. The 4” Damiki Air Frog features two hollow air chambers in its arms that act as floats. The self-righting design will always allow the frog to sit on its belly ready for a strike. A hook…

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