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    Pelican Mobile Protect

    Pelican has crafted the ultra-rugged Mobile Protect backpack range for when you’re hauling your valuables such as laptops and tablets. These backpacks provide exceptional device protection as well as great utility – and will last a lifetime. Thanks to a well-thought-out interior and exterior pocket design, the Mobile Protect series can hold it all: water bottles,…

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    Daiwa Hip Bags

    Land-based anglers are loving the new Daiwa Hip Bag, which provides a sturdy, reliable option when it comes to storing essentials around your waist. It is the ideal choice for anyone who’s tired of stuck zippers and ripped seams on their waist bags. There are two models, and both have a heap of compartments to hold…

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    Maria Rapido

    The Rapido is the latest stickbait from Maria, and its strong wire through body and ribbed construction give it extreme strength. Maria Rapidos feature a slim profile and a natural swimming action which makes them ideal to use when your target fish are not aggressively chasing poppers or other more aggressive stickbaits like the Maria Loaded. These…

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    Tide Apparel summer range

    The creative guys at Tide Apparel have just released the second part of their summer range for 2017. This new range features over 20 new products, with everything from trucker hats to long-sleeve fishing jerseys. Earlier this year Tide also teamed up with their good friends from Daiwa Australia and released a collaboration range called The…

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    Bassday Sugapen 120

    The iconic Bassday Sugapen family has been expanded with a new larger 120mm model. It’s perfect for larger estuary fish as well as the offshore species. The 120 has all the fantastic attributes of the hugely popular 70mm and 95mm models. This new bigger brother has excellent casting distance, thanks largely to its slimline profile which…

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    Chasebaits Bobbin’ Frog

    The Chasebaits Bobbin’ Frog is designed to bob up and down and move like a real frog. It has retracting arms and incredibly lifelike legs, presenting an incredibly realistic presentation to the fish. Made of super strong 10X material, the Bobbin’ Frog is robust, flexible and soft enough to ensure an easy weedless hook-up when fishing…

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    Tsunami Soft Vibe Shads

    Tsunami Soft Vibe Shads are moulded from supple, yet tough plastic that maximises action and enhances durability. The wire-through design and sharp Mustad hooks add further strength to the lure, tipping the odds of landing big fish in the angler’s favour. The precisely balanced internal weights produce an enticing shimmy action that drives predatory fish…

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    Costa Reefton

    One of Costa’s latest models is named after a popular fishing destination: Reefton. With 12 different river systems less than an hour’s drive from town, it’s no wonder New Zealand’s Reefton is world-renowned for its freshwater fishing. These size large frames are the perfect companion to explore any body of water. They will stay put on…

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    Squidgies Bio Tough range

    For the first time, Squidgies has teamed up with Shimano to develop a synthetic bioplastic that is highly durable, stretchy and more environmentally friendly: the Bio Tough range. The series is manufactured in Japan and has taken Squidgies’ most reliable lure shapes and redeveloped the design to improve their already great fish catching ability. With the…

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