• Accessories, Line, Tackle

    Black Magic Leader Feeder

    The Black Magic Leader Feeder is back by popular demand. This quality leader dispenser holds up to five spools of Black Magic monofilament or fluorocarbon leader material. It is convenient to use, minimises tangles, features high quality stainless-steel feed holes and a clear pocket so you can label your choice of line weights. Strong and durable,…

  • Hooks, Tackle

    Gamakatsu Big Bait Circle and Inline Octopus Circle

    Gamakatsu Inline Big Bait Circle Straight Eye hooks are 4x strong and crafted using Gamakatsu’s state-of-the-art tempering process. These new hooks are high-end, tournament-friendly circles. They are heavy and versatile, designed to catch all reef species and pretty much any fish that pulls hard. Big Bait circles can be trolled, stitched into fresh bait, or thrown…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Eginno Pyonpyon Search 3.5

    The Eginno Pyonpyon Search 3.5 is the latest addition to Yamashita’s range of squid jigs. The Pyonpyon (‘pyon pyon’ means ‘jump jump’) has a number of unique features. The first big feature is the Eginno Lip, a unique folding front flap which closes on the cast for improved casting distance, and opens on the retrieve. The…

  • Reels, Tackle

    Shimano Sustain FI

    In creating the Sustain FI, Shimano has engineered a spinning reel that offers the perfect balance between rigidity and sensitivity. By leveraging the benefits of the Aluminum Hagane Body, the Sustain FI possesses the rigidity of a metal outer shell that maximizes impact resistance whilst eliminating body flex under load. To provide enhanced sensitivity, a Magnumlite…

  • Lures, Tackle

    ZMan 3” Slim SwimZ

    Following on from the popularity of the 2.5” Slim SwimZ and driven by angler requests, Tackle Tactics have now released a 3” version of this deadly little paddle-tail plastic. This realistic baitfish profile is constructed from 10X Tough ElaZtech, allowing you to catch more fish per plastic and the super-soft and flexible realistic feel of the…

  • Apparel

    Bigfish Jack Attack II

    The ‘Red Terror’ of the estuary is championed on Bigfish’s latest shirt: Jack Attack II. “These fish attack with a savage, no-holds-barred ambush then run back into the snags,” said designer Joshua Ker. “Casting small lures in tight country is what this style of fishing is all about, and that’s what we’ve tried to replicate with…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Obsession Hotbaits and Clackerbaits

    Australian made Obsession Spinnerbaits are the brainchild of Raymond Parry, and two of his latest releases are the Hotbaits and Clackerbaits. The Hotbaits came about through requests by trout anglers for a single spin lure with a skirt. Since producing them, not only have trout taken to them, but also golden perch, redfin and even flathead…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Berkley Gulp Shrimp new colours

    Berkley Gulp 3” and 4” Shrimp now has new colours available. Just about all fish love to eat prawns, the Gulp Shrimp is a perfect choice to take advantage of this fact. They can be fished using different Nitro jigheads, depending on the situation, and the target species. Fish them on the bottom with short sharp…

  • Apparel

    Costa Half Moon

    You’ll look like a maverick in Costa’s Half Moon sunglasses, a USA West Coast inspired beach style that rides the mystique of epic ocean swells. This model is available in Shiny Black and Tiger Shark as tributes to the icy water, huge swells and some of the largest sharks in the world that frequent Half Moon…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Berkley Gulp 6” Swimming Mullet

    The Berkley Gulp 6” is the big daddy Swimming Mullet. The Berkley Gulp Swimming Mullet’s ‘fat’ profile and flickering curl-tail is a deadly fish magnet, and is now available in 6” size for those big occasions. The swimming action of the large curl-tail, combined with an enticing ‘body roll’ at a slow retrieve, makes the 6”…

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