• Reels, Tackle

    Penn Conflict II

    The runner-up for Best Combo at the 2017 AFTA Show was the Penn Conflict II and Regiment II. Incorporating a lightweight yet strong RR30 (Rigid Resin) body and rotor, the Conflict II can withstand the high pressures that braided lines and powerful fish generate, while being light enough to comfortably cast all day. Housed with the RR30…

  • Line, Tackle

    Sunline Siglon PE

    Sunline‘s newest braid, Siglon PE, offers superior performance at an affordable price. Made from EX-PE fibres, Siglon PE is a tightly woven braid that provides superior abrasion resistance, a very thin diameter for its breaking strain, and minimal stretch. It is very easy to manage, with a stiff yet ultra-smooth and round profile, and is available…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Berkley PowerBait Giant Ripple Shads unrigged

    The Berkley Powerbait Giant Ripple Shad features a sleek profile complete with extremely life-like details, including 3D eyes and natural translucent colours. The ribs or ripples extending all the way to the bait’s tail set it apart from other similar baits on the market, creating additional water disturbance and vibration as well as a larger surface…

  • Line, Tackle

    Berkley Fireline Ultra 8

    Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 delivers a line that is incredibly strong and abrasion-resistant yet long casting and user friendly, resisting wind knots like never before. Optimised for spin reels, Fireline Ultra 8 is ideal for all light to medium lure fishing applications. The unique fusing process using heat to molecularly bind thousands of Dyneema fibres gives…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Berkley PowerBait Giant Ripple Shads – pre-rigged

    Berkley PowerBait Giant Ripple Shads come pre-rigged and weighted for the perfect swimming action right out of the package. The Berkley PowerBait Giant Ripple shad delivers a lifelike baitfish profile, complete with 3D eyes and natural translucent colours. The pre-rigged Shad has a large top hook and a 360º swivelled belly treble. The ribs or ripples…

  • Reels, Tackle

    Abu Garcia Revo ALX

    Based on high quality components and a lightweight design, the Abu Revo ALX incorporates new technology including the Salt Shield Concept bearing and AMGearing systems within the compact Revo design. SSC (Salt Shield Concept) bearing employs newly developed ball bearings coated with a water-repelling shield, which greatly reduces rotation noise caused by salt adhesion, improving operation…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Berkley PowerBait Dropshot Minnow

    The new Berkley PowerBait Dropshot Minnow is deadly on a range of Australian species. Its translucency, married with the inner mylar foil give it the appearance of a real live baitfish. Its 3D eyes, translucent colours and micro sparkles complete this realistic morsel. Available in 2” and 3” sizes and six colours, the Dropshot Minnow is perfect…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Halco Trembler 70XS

    Halco has expanded its popular range of Trembler lures with the addition of the Trembler 70XS. The Trembler 70XS is a virtually indestructible bibless minnow that can be cast, jigged or trolled for outstanding results on a wide variety of sport fish. This lightweight, rapid sinking lure weighs a total of 16g and is 70mm in length. It…

  • Accessories, Hooks, Tackle

    Mustad Fastach Rig Link System

    The Mustad Fastach Rig Link system is unlike anything else on the market. Designed to give the options back to the angler, the system brings together the most popular flasher hooks with a variety of mainlines that can be interchanged to suit your conditions. Mustad has deliberately moved away from dictating to the angler just…

  • Rods, Tackle

    NS Black Hole Boca Popping rod

    NS Black Hole make rods for jigging, popping, and slow jigging in their brand new Boca range, but it was the popping that got runner up for Best Rod at AFTA. Popping has become very popular in the last few years, and this addictive fishing demands the best quality in hardwearing equipment, and this is why…

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