• Lures, Tackle

    Hurricane Slam 47

    The Hurricane Slam 47 is a very versatile lure. With a working range of 0.5-4m, this hard-bodied lure can be worked over and through so many different and demanding scenarios. Rock banks, shallow to deep drop-offs, deep water, shallowish water, structure and timber. The Slam 47 is also very snag-resistant, due to the bib of the…

  • Line, Tackle

    Sufix 832 metered braid

    Sufix’s famous 832 braided line featuring Gore performance fibre is now available in a multicolour metered option suitable for jigging, deep dropping and more. Sufix 832 has proven over a long time to be one of the toughest braided lines on the market. Its combination of seven Dyneema fibres combined with a Gore performance fibre is…

  • Accessories, Boating, Electronics

    Macris MIU-L10 underwater LED

    For boat owners requiring a small light with big performance, AMI have announced the brand now MIU-L10 underwater LED light from Macris Industries. An ultra-bright 1500+ fixture lumen display means the L10 can enhance night time entertaining, or light up the water and wake, attracting fish. It’s ideally suited to vessels from 5-8m. Made in the USA,…

  • Apparel

    Finesse Fishing Wear

    Well-known fishing writer and presenter, Steve “Starlo” Starling, has joined forces with clothing manufacturer Mad Keen Australia to launch his own line of high-quality apparel: Starlo’s Finesse Fishing Wear. The current range consists of vented, long-sleeved, button-up fishing shirts and baseball-style caps in unique camouflage colours, each featuring a distinctive water ripple pattern. The two colours…

  • Reels, Tackle

    Daiwa 16 Certate Low Speed

    In 2004 Daiwa introduced the Real Four Concept in the original Certate, and since then the Certate has continued to evolve. The 16 Certate HD models introduced a Monocoque Body design – a symmetrical, one-piece structure. The gears of the new 3500 and 4000 Certate HD models are embedded in the Monocoque body construction, providing…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Bagley Lures Minnow B 05

    The Bagley Minnow B 05 is a 5” floating jerk minnow with Bagley’s trademark action and rattle chambers that call fish to the lure. Twitch it and pause it to attract brutal surface strikes, or punch, roll and pause it sub-surface to draw fish out of the snags or across the flats. Easy to cast…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Jackall TN60 Trigon

    The Jackall TN60 Trigon features a special external weight, which has improved the casting distance and sinking speed. This weight also makes the lure swim in a more upright position, helping it to bump over snags, and it will sit upright on the bottom. This 60mm, 18.5g sinking lure is available now in a range of…

  • Tackle

    Sunset Europa Sea Rods

    Designed in France to support drift fishing with big lures or live baits, the Europa Rod Series were built with thin high modulus HMC40 blanks and have 3 sections and 3 interchangeable power tips. They each provide a perfect curve and an impressive reserve of power when needed! Moreover, these rods are equipped with quality fittings…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Swivels

    Introducing the new Mustad range of precision made, high quality stainless steel bearing swivels! These little pieces of machinery are designed to last, and nothing escapes as these swivels are world leaders in terms of start up inertia and ease of movement! Made from the strongest stainless steel possible in a factory owned by Mustad to ensure…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Mega Cod Angel Baits

    Insanity Tackle have come up with a new game changer for the native luring market, this time for plus sized Murray cod! The new Mega Cod Angel Baits are designed with big fish in mind, and this bigger model has all the same fish catching characteristics as their smaller Angel Bait brothers, however these guys are…

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