• Rods

    Shimano Maikuro spin rods

    The name Maikuro, from the Japanese word meaning micro, is a new series of nano graphite technology rods from Shimano. These rods have a sleek, modern design with a matt black finish, white, silver and black trims, and stylish butt configurations incorporating the new Sea Guide carbon hooded reel seat. The butt design is a…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Egi Oh Q Aussie Edition

    Yamashita have worked in collaboration with Australian anglers to release a special limited edition series of colours in the Egi Oh Q Live series. With five glow body versions and one red tape model, these jigs are ideal for use in low light conditions or at night. The three natural baitfish imitations – the King…

  • Lures

    Zerek Barra X Pro

    Wilson Fishing has taken the popular Zerek Barra X and given it a serious upgrade, creating the Zerek Barra X Pro series. This series has been built with extra strength in mind, as the target species include mulloway, barra and Murray cod.  The Zerek Barra X Pro also has a magnetic cast system that gives…

  • Accessories

    Moncross Walker Box

    Tackle Tactics have recently added Moncross to their stable of quality brands. Moncross manufacture tackle storage solutions, and their range consists of over 20 different specialty boxes, each suited to house and protect anglers’ valuable fishing tackle. One of the most popular from the recently introduced range is the MMC-176WME, a double-sided Walker Box that features…

  • Lures

    Austackle Gizmo HD

    Big predatory fish are suckers for the flash and vibration of Colorado blades, and Austackle’s Gizmo HD Big Fish Edition takes full advantage of this. It’s built on a solid Mustad hook, perfect for snapper, kingfish, cobia, mulloway, big flathead, Murray cod and barra. You can retrieve the Gizmo HD in a number of ways….

  • Reels

    Okuma Metaloid

    Okuma specialise in super tough reels, and this new member of the line-up is no exception. The Okuma Metaloid sports a full metal body, and a spool designed for carrying heavy braided lines. The one-piece handle makes the reel easy to use, and it can be changed from left to right hand wind and vice…

  • Apparel

    Icerays UV Sleeves

    Icerays UV Sleeves are Australia’s best selling, fully tested and certified sun sleeves. They allow you to wear your favourite T-shirt or polo without having to slather on sunscreen, worry about having to reapply it, or miss areas of your skin. Icerays Sleeves are also a cool and comfortable alternative to a hot, long-sleeved shirt….

  • Lures

    Atomic Trick Bitz

    Every lure fisher likes to pimp their lures, whether it be a new, innovative paint scheme or a touch of extra weight or flash for added fish-catching appeal. Atomic has answered the call, combining under one banner a range of products designed to make your lure stand out from the crowd. A toolbox for your…

  • Reels

    Daiwa Black Gold

    After nearly half a century of reliability, the original Daiwa Black Gold (BG) reel series has undergone a major overhaul. Daiwa’s newest heavy-duty super reel series is available in sizes 2000 all the way through to 8000. Its aluminium body and side plate are precision machined and highly corrosion resistant, making BG perfect for the…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Storm R.I.P Multi Depth Screw System

    New from Storm is their multi-use, multi-depth, R.I.P. Multi-Depth Screw System. Designed to cater for the boom in oversize soft plastics, the R.I.P Multi-Depth Screw System allows anglers more rigging options for truly giant baits than ever before. The heart of the system is the long, wide pitch rigging screw, which can be inserted into…

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