• Lures

    Zerek Bulldog Crank

    The latest addition to the Finesse Craft Series, the Zerek Bulldog Crank is a 38mm floating crankbait that weighs in at only 4g. Ideal for targeting fish in shallow areas, this lure has a tight wobbling action as it dives to around 2m during retrieval. The Zerek Bulldog Crank’s forward profile also makes it less…

  • Tackle

    Mercury Active Trim

    Mercury’s Active Trim system automatically and effortlessly trims an engine or engines. It doesn’t just make boating easier, it also improves engine performance and cuts fuel costs – while delivering a better overall driving experience. “The integrated GPS-based control system takes into account both your boat speed and rpm when deciding on the ideal trim…

  • Tackle

    New Garmin Panoptix models

    Garmin has released two new Panoptix transducers. Compact and lightweight, the Panoptix PS21-TR is optimised for mounting on an electric motor to deliver LiveVü Forward sonar technology, allowing anglers to see real-time moving sonar images ahead of and around the boat. LiveVü Forward shows images of fish swimming and moving toward or away from the…

  • Reels, Tackle

    Daiwa 16 Certate

    In 2004 Daiwa introduced the Real Four Concept in the original Certate – Real engine, Real control, Real endurance, Real custom, setting the new standard in spinning reel design and innovation. Since then, Certate has continually evolved and developed through its incarnations to become the world’s most advanced spinning reel. Now a great reel has…

  • Line, Tackle

    Sunline Fine Float II

    Sunline Fine Float II is a floating monofilament line with Sunline’s latest Plasma Ion technology. P-Ion processing improves slickness, water repellency, abrasion resistance and longevity of your line by chemically altering the line’s surface to allow resin processing to bond at a molecular level. This processing increases line performance and allows the line to float…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Beta Vib 48 Nano Sound

    New to the Pontoon 21 line-up is the Bet-A-Vibe 48NS, a slim profiled vibration bait that will be equally at home in the bays and estuaries as it is in impoundments. This is the first vibration lure to hit our shores from Pontoon 21 and it’s no slouch. This slim-profiled offering has been designed with…

  • Accessories, Boating

    Solvent-free Fluid Film

    Fluid Film corrosion control and lubrication products were originally developed for the US Navy, who were concerned about the use of solvents in confined spaces. This lanolin/wool wax base product line works where other products don’t last or don’t work at all. These are non-toxic, long lasting, thixotropic liquids (liquefy when shaken, and then solidify…

  • Lures

    Monster Pencil new colours

    Originally designed for targeting big tuna, the heavy-duty Monster Pencil from NS Black Hole has also proven to be deadly on mackerel, kingfish and giant trevally. Now the range been expanded with the addition of five new colours. Four of the new colours are natural baitfish imitations – flying fish, mackerel, mahi mahi and pilchard….

  • Reels

    Shimano Caenan baitcaster

    A workhorse of a reel, the Shimano Caenan baitcaster is designed to fish many different styles of lures, and is set to be a hit with barra anglers. Offering proven Shimano performance at a more affordable price point, the Caenan is loaded with features, and also approved for saltwater use. Shimano’s exclusive Lo-Mass Spool allows…

  • Lures

    Pillo Grub 2.25”

    Pontoon 21 has updated the traditional grub design with the release of the Pillo Grub. A series of ribs varying in width, diameter and number offer a unique presentation to fish, while complementing the curl tail. The Pillo Grub also features an entry/exit point for your hook of choice, enabling you to thread your plastic…

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