• Rods

    Dark Horse Bass series rods

    NS Black Hole have released a new series of light to medium class rods suitable for many Australian sportfishing scenarios. Dark Horse Bass series rods encapsulate both spinning and casting models, from light 4-8lb spinning models suitable for bream and bass, through to heavier 10-20lb baitcast rods powerful enough for both barramundi and Murray cod….

  • Rods

    TiCA Scepter GTX 10000

    The TiCA Scepter GTX 10000 reel is a fantastic reel for anglers surf fishing and deepwater fishing when you need a reel with massive line capacity. The Scepter GTX reel is crammed full of features including a high tensile body, Longcast aluminium spool with a massive line capacity, worm shaft system that makes the reel…

  • Accessories

    Berkley Day Backpack

    Berkley Fishin’ Gear Tackle Management Systems offers a range of storage solutions to suit every angler. Whether it’s a few packs of Gulps or everything to hand for a day on the water, there’s a product in the range to suit your needs. Featuring heavy-duty fabrics for style and durability, comfortable handles and corrosion-resistant zips…

  • Lures

    Yamashita Naory RH 490 Glow

    The Yamashita Naory RH 490 Glow is a new addition to the Naory RH series of squid jigs. Yamashita have incorporated their latest technology into the Naory RH 490 series, drawing on research showing that the best wavelength of visible light for squid to detect is 490nm. The full body 490 glow grabs the squid’s…

  • Lures

    Nitro Bream Pro

    Berkley Nitro Bream Pro jigheads feature a newly designed head and keeper for even greater performance. The new style head brings a smoother glide and flutter as the plastic falls through the strike zone, and the segmented quad keeper ensures that the plastic stays firmly in position. Built on ultra-sharp Owner fine wire needle point…

  • Lures

    Halco Max 190

    Halco Tackle Company is releasing the highly anticipated big brother to the award-winning Max 130: the all new Max 190. The Max 190 (190mm/7.5”) has an incredibly wide effective operating envelope, working well from a fast cast and retrieve speed, all the way to a 14 knot troll. This lure dives to 2m, and the…

  • Lures

    Fish Inc. Fullback stickbait

    The team at Tackle Tactics have added the Fish Inc. Lures brand to their stable of quality, innovative products. Australian anglers will now have access to Fish Inc. Lures range of stickbaits, poppers and hybrid baits that feature awesome finishes, come fitted with Owner trebles and have actions that have already proven to be dynamite…

  • Indepth Reviews, Lures

    Review: Ecooda Mini Pops

    I recently had a quick visit from Fishing Monthly’s Ryan Limpus who was travelling back from a boat show down Sydney way. On this visit Ryan had in his possession some of the Ecooda Mini Pops, and it was a bad decision on his part to show them to me. I informed him that he…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Geecrack Swing Chatter

    The ‘Swing Chatter’, manufactured by Japanese company Geecrack, is available in 22 colour combinations, and comes in three sizes (1/4oz, 3/8oz, and 1/2oz) with a size 2 hook. A compact lure that’s ideal for pitching, the Swing Chatter has been designed to easily probe different layers of water, from the bottom to the surface. The…

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