• Accessories

    Minn Kota Drift Sock

    The Minn Kota Drift Sock is a great add-on product for electric motor users. “A device similar to the offshore sea anchor or drogue, the Drift Sock is a helpful tool to use when shallow water fishing for estuary or impoundment species,” advises Justin Welsh, Brand Manager. “For example, you could use it while drifting…

  • Apparel

    Zerek Dry Fit Jerseys

    Designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re fishing, the Zerek Dry Fit Jerseys have been released in black and white colours with the distinctive Bluewater Craft logo. The Dry Fit material actively moves sweat away from the body to a separate fabric layer where it can evaporate away. This leaves you feeling dry…

  • Lures, Tackle

    New colours for Fat Dogs

    A classic fat slow roller or twitch bait, the 3B Fat Dog now comes in four new colours: redeye express, 12 gauge, toxic sushi and linch pin. This lure comes in deep and shallow versions. The Deep Fat Dog is a gun rock wall and tree snag specialist. With a crazy deep bib to smash…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Rapala Shadow Rap Shad

    Big fish can’t resist the tantalizing, slow-rising action of new Shadow Rap Shad from Rapala. Swimming with the infamous horizontal struggle with a vertical ‘rise’ on pause, they perfectly mimic a shad in trouble. The larger profile presents more flash and the option to fish from a finesse to more aggressive retrieve. Kicking almost 180°…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Zerek Measuring Tape

    Most measuring tapes are large and cumbersome but the Zerek Marsh Slider Measuring Tape is not. It’s a pocket-sized measuring tape that will go anywhere and fit anywhere, giving all anglers the chance to measure their fish in any situation. Constructed using durable PVC and with large numbers for easy reading, the Zerek Measuring Tape…

  • Accessories, Tackle

    Boomerang Mid Size Zinger

    Zingers are a great way to keep tools handy, but sometimes the small zingers aren’t enough and this is where the Mid Size Zinger with carabiner from Boomerang Tool will excel. This new tool is ideal for keeping fishing tools handy, securing keys and other important items, and attaching gear to your boat or kayak….

  • Lures, Tackle

    Lighter Angel Bait

    In response to angler demand, Insanity Tackle has released a lighter version of the popular Angel Bait. The new 3/8oz model has all the same fish-catching features as the 1/2oz original, including the unique spinning device which creates a lifelike flash and pulse. The 3/8oz version is ideal for slow moving creeks, rivers and estuaries,…

  • Lures

    River2Sea Baby Bell popper

    The dumbell shape is famous in Australian popping. Previously available only in big sizes for big fish, River2Sea has released two Baby Bell models in 75mm and 50mm sizes – perfect for targeting fish living in estuaries, dams and canals. The greatest benefit is the ability to cast these little lures a mile, and they…

  • Lures, Tackle

    Wilson Octopus Skirts

    For those chasing the ocean’s predators, trolling baits has always been a fantastic way to make the most of your time on the water, and the Wilson Octopus skirts will enhance any trolled offering. Made from durable materials and coming in a range of colours to suit different applications, the Wilson Octopus skirts are available…

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