• Lures

    3” Gulp Nemesis

    Combine the fish catching profile of a Jerkshad and the enticing tail action of a grub and you get the Berkley Nemesis. Designed in Australia, the Nemesis shape is now available in a bite-sized 3” size. Testing by the Berkley Pro Team has proven they are deadly on bream, with an enticing tail action at…

  • Reels

    Rapala Aggressor

    The all new Aggressor reels embody all that is synonymous with Rapala – quality, reliability, function and performance. This series of heavy-duty spinning reels features an aircraft grade alloy body and rotor, making it ultra tough yet light enough to fish with for extended periods. Incorporating 5+1 ball bearings into the body ensures faultless performance…

  • Rods

    Pflueger Illusion rods

    Anglers looking for a graphite performance, value for money and cutting edge cosmetics will appreciate the new Illusion rod series from Pflueger. High modulus blanks combine with Fuji ‘O’ guides for performance and reliability on the water. Urban camo EVA grips with practical full rear grip design and cool carbon fibre inlay make the Illusion…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Crankmonkey hand-powered charger

    Designed to provide instant power anywhere and negating the need to carry spare batteries, the Powertraveller Crankmonkey is a hand-cranked portable power source that charges virtually any 5V device. Just a few minutes of cranking can provide enough charge to revive a completely flat smartphone and enable a potentially lifesaving call to be made. Designed…

  • Camping & 4WD

    ET80 and ET100 Emergency Torches

    In any maritime emergency, a reliable and quality-made torch can always lend a hand. The ET80 and ET100 Emergency Torches from GME are constructed from high visibility yellow polycarbonate, so they’re easy enough to find. The ET80 and ET100 are near indestructible, with a buoyant contruction, they have waterproof casing and are multi-function LED torches…

  • Rods, Tackle

    Samaki Silver Bullet

    Silver Bullet has taken surf rod technology into the future, and now there’s a new blank concept available to the Australian fishing market. It’s called Oval Blank, and when incorporated into the base section of the rod it enables you to make greater and more powerful casts to launch your lure further. Combine this with…

  • Lures

    Yamashita Taikabura

    Yamashita, distributed by EJ Todd, have released a new snapper jig called Taikabura. “It’s easy to use – you just drop the jig to the bottom and slow roll it,” said Bryan Todd from EJ Todd. “It’s a line through system so the lure has a natural presentation as it falls, which results in more…

  • Rods

    Daiwa Saltiga Airportable

    Daiwa has introduced the latest Saltiga rod series, Airportable, providing anglers with a range of multi-piece, high quality offshore sportfishing rods. Daiwa’s low resin, high strength, reduced weight, high density carbon creates a rod that is lightweight yet powerful and capable of punching well above its weight. X45 wrapping technology eliminates twist to improve sensitivity,…

  • Lures

    Yo-Zuri 3DB Crayfish

    The Yo-Zuri 3DB Crayfish is a slow sinking lure that’s designed to land in a level position. Its jointed tail moves as the bait is fished as a jig, or slow swimming action, just above the bottom. The tail hitting the bottom causes the gravel to stir up, attracting fish looking for yabbies or redclaw….

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