• Electronics

    Simrad GO7

    Simrad Yachting has announced the release of the GO7 standalone multi-touch chartplotter and echosounder. This will offer boaters an affordable option for electronic navigation. The feature-packed GO7 is an ideal fit for RIBs, runabouts and cruisers, providing quick and easy access to the vital information boaters require to safely maximise their time on the water. The…

  • Boating

    Cool Water Stingray

    In response to the growing popularity of kayak fishing, Cool Water has launched their Stingray Kayak specifically for budding yak fisher. The Stingray’s design is a derivative of kayaks built for professional fishers, including comfortable seating and extra-large hinged storage containers. To keep you on track, the large rear rudder with foot peddles offer amazing…

  • Lures

    Nories Wrapping Minnow SW

    The new Wrapping Minnow SW is the updated version of the original Wrapping Minnow designed for inshore saltwater use. The Wrapping Minnow SW is approximately 6g heavier than the original bass version. It combines a heavy lead head and buoyant foam body in a compact and balanced package. The ultra thin tail blade that can be adjusted…

  • Motors

    4 new engines from Mercury

    Mercury Marine has excited boat lovers, dealers and boat builders with four new engines, which have already left the competition behind. The Verado 350 is built on Mercury’s proven 4-Stroke supercharged inline 6-cylinder technology; the Verado 350 delivers unsurpassed speed and overall performance without sacrificing durability and cruise fuel economy. The 400R is an all-new…

  • Electronics

    Garmin’s Black Box sonar system

    Garmin’s powerful new GSD 25 premium sonar module is the ultimate all-in-one black box solution for serious anglers fishing from high-end trailer boats and larger game boats. Integrating true, dual-channel 1kW CHIRP, CHIRP DownVü and CHIRP SideVü scanning sonar, this remote networking solution delivers images so clear it’s possible to distinguish between target fish, small…

  • Apparel

    Tonic Neon in 3 styles!

    Tonic Polarised Eyewear, is proud to announce the remarkable Neon ‘Low Light’ lens is now available in 3 popular styles: Rush, Shimmer and the new YouRanium. The Neon is truly the ‘Master of Low Light’. Specially developed by Tonic founder Doug Phillips for sight fishing in shadows, fog, cloud and for dawn and dusk fishing…

  • Accessories

    Rhino-Rack Vortex RLT600

    Rhino-Rack has designed the RLT600 roof racks to be as versatile as your taste in adventure – accommodating the needs of the traveller, cyclist, kayaker, surfer or even tradesperson. The Vortex RLT600 roof racks utilise Rhino-Rack’s highly regarded Vortex bars, making them compatible with a wide variety of other Rhino-Rack accessories including bicycle mounts, kayak…

  • Apparel

    Mad Keen clothing

    Since 1997 the Mad Keen brand has been proudly associated with the Aussie fishing scene. Our cheeky catch phrases have adorned shirts, polos, caps, wheel covers and more showing off our great Aussie sense of humour and giving blokes and the girls the chance to go one up on their mates! Our gear has been…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Gerber Paraframe Mini Knife

    Pocketknives by nature are designed to be on hand at all times for unexpected uses that often pop up in the most inconvenient of times. With this in mind, Gerber has designed the Paraframe Mini Knife to be your ultimately, highly-effective and compact day-to-day companion. The Paraframe is the smallest of the eight knives in…

  • Line

    Mustad Thor Braid

    Made from super high strength Spectra fibres, Mustad’s Thor braid uses an exclusive 4-strand NR braiding process that gives Mustad Thor braid a thin, round and smooth profile for trouble free casting. The advantages of Mustad Thor braid include a quietness through the guides unlike other braids, allowing for longer casts, better presentations and easier…

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