• Accessories

    Black Magic split ring pliers

    Black Magic has updated their split ring fishing pliers and the new version is available in gold and there are a number of great new features. They still have their tungsten steel cutters, which slice through braid and heavy mono with ease to make knot tying a simple to give you more time fishing. The…

  • Apparel

    Ranger Breathable Waders

    Looking for a quality breathable wader that will keep you cool and dry without spending a fortune? The Snowbee Ranger is the wader for you. Featuring neoprene socks, built in gravel guards, adjustable wading belt, internal waterproof pocket and adjustable braces which all pack down to about the size of a pair of jeans, making this…

  • Hooks

    Owner S-215 Single Plugging Hook

    Using Taff-Wire, the S-125 is perfect for retro-fitting hardbodied trolling and casting lures. The range of available sizes means that you’ll be able to replace and retro-fit in just about any angling situation. The lightweight but incredibly strong Taff-Wire ensures that your lures retain maximum action. Taff-Wire helps create hooks that are smaller in diameter, yet…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Diamantina Pop Up Hammock

    The competitive nature of Australians means that we strive to have the best gear. When visiting our favourite camping site, envy can kick in when we see extravagant setups that often rival living conditions at home. Relax in style and impress your neighbours with the versatile, lightweight, and portable Diamantina Pop Up Hammock. This transportable hammock…

  • Lures

    Mimix Jump Bux

    Mimix is proud to introduce another great ‘jumper’/‘jump frog’ lure – The Jump Bux! Unlike any small ‘jumper’ lure that you have ever seen before, the Mimix Jump Bux is beautifully designed with great detailing and is beautifully painted to be as life-like as possible, making it the perfect little snack for small, aggressive species. This lure…

  • Electronics

    Garmin Panoptix

    Unlike anything you’ve ever seen on the water, Garmin Panoptix provides the ability to see all around your boat in real-time. Garmin Panoptix allows you to see the entire water column, and everything in it, in 3D! You’ll be able to see real-time moving sonar images, including fish swimming in front of or below your…

  • Electronics

    Garmin 7400xsv series – more powerful

    Garmin’s new GPSMAP 7400xsv series of premium multi-function displays (MFD) combines powerful performance with a renowned interface to deliver a range of class-leading features in a fully-networkable, simple-to-use package. Boasting a vibrant widescreen display with full pinch-to-zoom touchscreen capabilities, the GPSMAP 7400xsv series is offered in four sizes – 7407xsv (17.9cm/7”), 7408xsv (20.3cm/8″), 7410xsv (25.4cm/10″) and…

  • Lures

    Palms Gig 115

    Distance, strength and action are all features that are key to any good stick bait, especially when you are targeting big tuna, kingfish or any other large predatory pelagic species. The GIG 115 features a natural horizontal sinking posture, a wire through the body construction, an anti hook out belly hook swivel and strong Owner trebles,…

  • Hooks

    Mustad Darter Jigheads

    Mustad Darter jigheads are not just another jighead, they are designed to glide on the fall and dart on the retrieve to allow the angler to present their plastics in a very natural and erratic way. Mustad Darter Jigheads add action to curl-tail grubs and paddle-tail soft plastics, and they make stick bait style plastics…

  • Accessories, Hooks, Tackle

    Mustad In-line Single 10121NPDT

    The Mustad In-line Single 10121NPDT is eminently suitable for our local hard hitting and fighting species, whether you are chasing trout on the troll or world record GT on the cast. With sizes ranging from 8 through to 8/0, the Mustad In-line Single has a big eye, a thick gauge and a short length to…

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