• Reels

    Concept KP

    The 13 Fishing Concept family of reels was released early 2014. Recently, the company released a new flagship to the line, the Concept KP. The original Concept A, C and E models were known for their incredibly comfortable design and the KP continues that tradition whilst bringing some incredible upgrades to the table. A special…

  • Reels

    Okuma Cerros

    Designed to deliver unprecedented levels of performance, the Okuma Cerros steps out with a 9BB + 1RB bearing system, a multi-disc drag system that produces 7kg of drag and a lightweight aluminium frame. The low-profile design of the reel and soft touch handle grips make the Cerros extremely ergonomic as it sits comfortably in your…

  • Lures

    Mimix Grasshopper

    The Mimix Grasspopper is certainly not like any ordinary popper lure that you’ve ever seen before, realistically designed and hand-painted after the grasshopper, it has best of both worlds, a great look and a great action! To add to the attraction of the great action, the Grasspopper has a special ‘antennae’ attached that makes it…

  • Lures

    Dragon Maggot

    The Dragon Maggot is the perfect worm imitation with an extremely long, waving tail. We recommend two very effective ways of fishing with Dragon Maggot. The first is the classic, aggressive jigging tachnique on heavy jighead. The lure should be started from the bottom with high speed and then allowed fall down on the straight,…

  • Rods

    Samaki Zing Travel

    Searching for that new reef, river or estuary to target those long thought about species that have seemed so untouchable? Samaki Zing Travel encourages all anglers to get fishing around the globe! Zing Travel has been smartly designed to suit a variety of fishing experiences and caters perfectly to all your travel requirements. This 3-piece blank…

  • Reels

    Ecooda Ranger

    The new reel in the Ecooda line up is The Ranger! A fresh looking reel with superb colour cosmetics designed with a metallic silver finished graphite body and high gloss black double anodised aluminium spool, it sports a one-piece metal handle with a soft touch rubber knob for comfort. With over 30 years of reel…

  • Line

    Diamond FC Leader

    With the all new Samaki Diamond FC you wont have to worry about your leader laying on the surface for every predator to see as it swims by, your leader rubbing past submerged structure and snapping or feeling it stretch under pressure from your catch as it gets longer. Diamond FC has a high refractive…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Princeton Tec Byte Light

    Princeton Tec’s high powered head-torch, the Byte, is compact enough to go anywhere at anytime. The Byte can pack a powerful punch thanks to a white Maxbright 70 lumen LED that will light up your path for up to 96 hours. The softer side of Byte comes in the form of a red Ultrabright LED…

  • Camping & 4WD

    Night Prowler light bar

    Night Prowler’s LED light bars, which fit onto the front of your vehicle or the side of your caravan, are as durable and rugged as the terrain you’ll be exploring. The 20” Night Prowler 120W model is no exception and features three beam options: Spot Beam, Flood Beam and Combo Beam. Spot Beam’s concentrated light…

  • Camping & 4WD

    5 in One for BBQ fun

    Man-Law’s 5 in One Multi-Functional BBQ Grill Topper allows you to grill, roast or smoke like a pro, all in the convenience of one unit. The 5 in One is perfect for both the BBQ novice and the seasoned veteran and turns any grill into a clean work surface. It’s also very easy to assemble….

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