• Lures

    Westin Mega Teez

    Just like a mermaid, the seductive look and extra-large tail of Westin MegaTeez is irresistible. Even the tiniest twitch of the rod tip will make the tailfin wave and swim through the water, and even the most cold-hearted predators will fall in love at first sight! The irregular and action-packed diving action is simply in…

  • Hooks

    Zerek Hook Packs

    With the aim of making things easy for anglers, Zerek Innovations has designed and released a series of hook packs that will allow anglers to fish their Zerek lures in a number of different ways. There are packs to suit every Zerek shrimp profile lure in the range, as well as packs that will fit…

  • Lures

    Mimix Jump Bux

    Mimix is proud to introduce another great ‘jump frog’ lure: the Mimix Jump Bux. Unlike any small jumper lure that you have ever seen before, the Mimix Jump Bux is beautifully designed with great detailing, and is expertly painted to be as lifelike as possible. Equipped with extra strong and sharp double hook, the Jump…

  • Lures

    Damiki Axe Serpent

    The Axe Serpent from Damiki is a suspending lure that measures 75mm long and weighs 8g. It dives to a depth of 1 metre and has rattles for added attraction. This is an ideal jerkbait for bass and bream, and it has also been shown to be highly effective on flathead, trout and other predatory…

  • Lures

    Zerek Thermite Poppers

    The Zerek Thermite Popper is built to withstand the harshest of punishment from the toughest fish and still ask for more. Ready to rumble straight from the packet, the Zerek Thermite Popper will ignite some serious explosions from serious predators. The Zerek Thermite Popper has been designed with an extra thick wall to allow this…

  • Lures

    Eumer SpinTube Natural

    The award-winning SpinTube Natural is dynamite on freshwater fish like trout and bass. SpinTube Natural is named after the natural colours used in its construction, and it’s particularly suitable for still and fast water fishing. In fast waters, you can fish it near the bottom, matching the motion of a sunk fly. In still waters,…

  • Rods

    Gary Loomis Edge rods

    Gary Loomis is back and designing rods better than ever. His new range of USA-made rods are called Edge, and they deliver the ultimate in performance. They use the absolute best materials available, and feature full carbon fibre grips which transfer all the feeling from the rod blank straight into the palm of your hand….

  • Accessories

    Dragon Micro Jighead

    Dragon Micro Jighead light to medium jigheads are made on unique hooks, which feature two opposite located barbs on the shank. Dragon Micro Jigheads are best for small shads or any other lure with round back, due to bigger distance between shank and edge of the hook. This jighead is ideal for the Ecogear Marukyu…

  • Lures

    Damiki Umpa Popper 40 and new Saemi colours

    One of the latest offerings from Damiki is a slim profiled 40mm popper called the Umpa Popper. At 3g in weight, this popper is easy cast to cast and extremely easy to use. It’s dynamite on whiting, bream and bass, and it comes in seven great colours. It’s available now for RRP $11.99. Damiki has…

  • Accessories

    Live Fibre Venom stickers

    First it was the Live Fibre Venom series of rods, and now the Venom X series has taken the fishing world by storm – and you can now get your hands on a Venom decal. Made from UV stabilised vinyl, the Venom decal is simple to place. Peel off the backing sheet, apply the decal…

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